The Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA) is the Investment Promotion Agency (IPA) for the Philippine tourism industry created under the Tourism Act of 2009. It promotes tourism investment and grants fiscal incentives packages to investors engaged in tourism-oriented projects and activities under the Strategic Investment Priority Plan (SIPP) of the Philippines.

Here are the benefits on why you should register with TIEZA:

Grants Fiscal Incentives to Tourism Investors

TIEZA grants fiscal incentives packages for new and existing tourism-oriented projects or activities that includes:

  • Income Tax Holiday
  • Special Corporate Income Tax
  • Enhanced Deductions
  • Duty Exemption on Importation, and
  • VAT Exemption on Importation and VAT Zero-rating

Registers Tourism Projects/Activities Located Anywhere in the Country

TIEZA registers all tourism-oriented projects listed in the SIPP regardless of location.

Conducts Business Briefing with Prospective Applicants

 Business Enterprises interested to learn more about the benefits in registering with TIEZA may conduct a virtual or face-to-face business briefing with TIEZA’s Evaluation and Registration Division (ERD) for assistance and/or guidance on the registration procedure and requirements.

Join us in our efforts in driving our tourism industry to its full potential and promote a competitive and sustainable economy through tourism.

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