Any individual, partnership, or corporation, Philippine branch of a foreign corporation, or other entity organized and existing under Philippine laws engaged in a Domestic Market Enterprise or an Export Enterprise, which will undertake any of the following:

A. New Business Enterprise

An activity or project that has not started commercial operation undertaken either by a newly organized/formed enterprise or an existing enterprise that shall engage in an entirely distinct and different activity from its existing business operation.

B. Qualified Expansion Project

A project of an existing enterprise that would involve the installation of additional facilities or equipment, or infusion of additional investment that will result in increase in capacity of the same or similar activity within the same existing plant or facilities of the enterprise, and additional benefits to the economy. It shall include modernization and rehabilitation resulting in the upgrade of the registered product or service.

For the availment of fiscal incentives under the Corporate Recovery and Tax Incentives for Enterprises (CREATE) Act, the tourism activity/project must be identified in the Strategic Investment Priority Plan (SIPP).

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