The Flagship Tourism Enterprise Zone (TEZ) Program is a joint initiative of the Department of Tourism and TIEZA to proactively develop strategically important TEZs by way of master planning the area, granting of incentives, or providing the necessary infrastructure support. This initiative is in line with the mandate of TIEZA under the Republic Act No. 9593 (Tourism Act of 2009) and the framework of the National Tourism Development Plan to support the development of Philippine tourism product and raise the competitiveness of the Philippines as a tourism destination.

In shortlisting the potential sites, the following criteria are employed:

  1. The property must at least be fifty (50) hectares, with the owner/s having clean title or right to develop the property;
  2. It must be accessible through or near a gateway i.e. airport, seaport, or interprovincial or national road;
  3. It has or may have basic utilities such as water, power, and information and communication technology;
  4. Strong institutional support by way of a comprehensive land use plan or local tourism development plan is desired;
  5. The property in itself must offer tourism resources; and
  6. The property owner/s must be willing to enter into a partnership with TIEZA and commit to the implementation of the master plan if the site/s were to be identified or designated as a Flagship TEZ.

For recommendation of and information on viable tourism sites in your region which comply with the foregoing criteria, kindly email us at and attach the endorsement letter from your Municipal/Provincial Tourism Officer and Regional Director.