South Palms Resort is located in Barangay Bolod, Panglao Island, Municipality of Panglao, in the Province of Bohol. It is immediately west of Bohol Beach Club, occupying two thirds (2/3) of the original land area of the Bohol Beach Club. The land area of South Palms Resort covers around forty-three (43) hectares. It has seven hundred fifty (750) meters of white sand beach frontage, said to be the longest frontage for a single beach resort in the island of Panglao. Currently, it has ninety (90) rooms and villas and two (2) swimming pools.


Panglao Bay Premiere Parks and Resorts Corporation is part of the Alturas Group Companies (AGC) and manages the hospitality component e.g. South Palms Resort, of the company. Their long-range plan is to transform the area into a recreational, commercial cum residential development under a “Live, Work, Play” concept anchored in tourism. The business conglomerate considers the present South Palms Resort as a minor component akin to the concept of a “starter kit” in the scheme of their total vision for the area.