Call for Participants
Investors’ Conference
Western Section Development Project of the Rizal Park Flagship TEZ
16 November 2023, 2:00p.m.

The Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA) is inviting investors to develop the Western Section of the Rizal Park Complex Flagship TEZ (RPCFTEZ).

The TIEZA is conducting the Investors’ Conference for the Rizal Park Western Section to solicit insights and feedback on the project terms from interested private sector investors. The event will be conducted in a hybrid format so that interested participants may attend either in person or online.

The Rizal Park Western Section Development Project involves the financing, design, improvement, construction, and operation and maintenance of park facilities and attractions in the Western Section of Rizal Park Complex.

In furthering the realization of the planned redevelopment of the Rizal Park Complex, under a PPP arrangement, TIEZA seeks to optimize the engagement of the private sector partner to develop the Rizal Park Western Section, ensure that the content and aesthetics of the development will conform to the theme identified in the 2014 Rizal Park Complex Comprehensive Tourism Master Plan and will protect the authenticity and significance of the Cultural Heritage Tourism Zone, and develop revenue generating components within the section. This activity is on 16 November 2023 and is facilitated through a hybrid set-up with TIEZA and the PPP Center.

The objectives of the activity are as follows:

  • Provide a brief background and envisioned scope of the Project to the potential private sector participants;
  • Present the investment opportunities within the Rizal Park Western Section Development Project and identify potential issues or problems that may affect the Project, particularly its viability;
  • Gauge the interest of the private sector to partner with the TIEZA for undertaking the Project as a PPP;
  • Determine the level of interest, capability, and experience of the private sector (including lenders) to undertake the Project;
  • Understand key considerations of the private sector regarding their potential involvement in the Project in partnership with the TIEZA.

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