Corregidor Island FTEZ is a 549-hectare island composed of 3 clusters: The Military Park, the Island Center, and the Leisure and Recreation Area. This Flagship TEZ is a national historical shrine and it complements the historical and war tourism as it completes the World War II narrative. The Master Plan lays down a holistic combination of the following land uses—Institutional, Commercial, Mixed-use, Resort and Hotel Accommodations, Memorials and Preserved Areas, Open Spaces and Recreational Areas, Nature Reserves, Services and Utilities, and Transport Corridors.

     •  Total Land Area: 549 hectares
     •   Investment Opportunities
          —   Accommodation Establishments
          —   Recreational Spaces
          —   Nature Reserve
          —   Beach Resort
          —   Branded Beach Health and Wellness Resort
          —   Top-Tier Millennial Beach Resort