The Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA) designated Hacienda Primera Development Corporation’s Amorita Resort as a Tourism Enterprise Zone (TEZ) on July 26, 2018. Located in Panglao, Bohol, the Amorita Resort is geographically positioned within the heart of a key tourism development area. It has been recognized both locally and internationally as one of the leading luxury resorts in the province, and local leaders have acknowledged its efforts on community development and on cultural and environmental preservation. Armed with the designation as a TEZ, Amorita is on its way to expand not only in terms of increasing capacity of its facilities, but also in its endeavors in promoting a more sustainable and responsible form of tourism.

Amorita Resort in Panglao, Bohol

Amorita is currently expanding from its current 38 rooms to a total of 97 rooms and villas, adding another pool and restaurant, and providing the amenities and the level of services expected of a luxury boutique resort. This expansion will allow a larger volume of tourists accommodated.  Amorita further commits to lead and expand the scope and diversity of its projects through the protection of the Marine Protected Area located off of Alona Beach. Amorita is set to conduct beach cleanups, support local artists, craftsmen and stakeholders, and activities at the local barangay public school. Indeed, Amorita embodies the idea of sustainable and inclusive tourism as set forth in the Tourism Act, and for which TIEZA was empowered to provide incentives in support of such endeavors.

Amorita has risen to the ranks of world-class resorts and has received an award from the Provincial Government of Bohol for its superior environmental standards, eco-friendly practices and tourism development. Moreover, it sees itself beyond its dedication to customer service. The resort’s proponents aspire to create more avenues for promoting local culture and supporting the community through local employment and social initiatives. Amorita has invested significantly in reducing its environmental impact on several fronts – implementing a solid waste management program, installing and expanding its own water sourcing and storage system, and its own sewage treatment plant, capturing effluent for backup generators, assisting in the management of the coral reef’s protected area, and in maintaining the cleanliness of Alona beach.

Perching on a cliff, Amorita provides a luxury beach leisure experience defined by privacy while providing access to various attractions and activities along the Alona beach. It supports diving and snorkeling, as well as closely coordinated whale and dolphin watching, and the local marine protected area management.

By 2020, Amorita envisions to provide an even greater variety of facilities through the development of the Hulma Artists Village in partnership with Philippine Bohol Arts Foundation Inc. to provide a village consisting of several cottages and shops, an amphitheater, and a common area for the arts and artisans to support local crafts as well as develop the Tawala marine protected area outpost facility.

A Tourism Enterprise Zone is an area characterized by being a contiguous territory; bearing historical and cultural significance, environmental beauty or tourism potential; having strategic access to utilities and transportation; stimulating sustainable socio-economic development; at least five (5) hectares in land area; and is at least five million dollars in investment. Private entities/corporations, Local Government Units/government instrumentalities, or Joint Venture Cooperation between the private and public sector may apply for designation as TEZs. TEZs and registered tourism enterprises are granted fiscal and non-fiscal incentives, thereby creating viable investment opportunities in the tourism industry.

With the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR)’s clarification last year that the incentives for TEZs under The Tourism Act of 2009 or Republic Act No. 9593 may be enjoyed by investors even beyond 2019 until these incentives are fully realized, investors have until August 2019 to apply with TIEZA and avail of the full package of incentives.

Awarding of the Certificate of Designation for Amorita Resorts Tourism Enterprise Zone and Signing of the registration agreement and awarding of the Certificate of Registration to Hacienda Primera Development Corporation as TEZ Operator / Tourism Estate Management Facilities and Services – RTE for Amorita Resorts TEZ on July 26, 2018, witnessed by (from left) Legal Counsel Atty. Mark Evidente and signed by Hacienda Primera Development Corporation President Ms. Katrina H. Cauton, together with TIEZA Chief Operating Officer Mr. Pocholo Paragas, and TIEZA Assistant Chief Operating Officer Ms. Racquel Gaerlan.

 Interested investors may contact the TEZ Management Secretariat at (02) 512-01-14 or email us at and For more information about TEZs, you may visit our website,, or visit us at the 7th Floor of Tower 1, Double Dragon Plaza, Double Dragon Meridian Park, Macapagal Avenue corner EDSA Extension Bay Area, Pasay City.